The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Accidents,
Emergencies and Disasters′ Terminologies
  • Dr. Khaleel R. A. Kamaal (Editing Compiler), Consultant Fire
    Protection Engineer (Fire Officer - Brigadier, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.)
    Special gratitude to my daughter Afaatim and sun Mohammad for
    their exasperating help and efforts in bringing this work to existence
This Encyclopedic Dictionary is intended to all interested researchers,students, workers, officials and preventive & protective professionals involved in the various fields of accidents, emergency operations and disaster.
This extensive compilation endeavor is the gathering bank of nearly 200'000 entries - in over 7.36 million words - of comparative definitions and concepts in the various preventive and protective disciplines including applied and associated vocabularies and related elucidations, nomenclatures, abbreviations and acronyms.
Typical terminologies covered include fields of Disasters and Emergency Incidents, Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Protection, Fire Protection, Transportation Safety, Oil and Gas Drilling and Field Safety, Ergonomics, Chemical Safety and Toxic Substances, Nuclear Safety and Radiation rotection, Electrical Safety, Natural Disasters and Forces of Nature, Industrial Safety and Hygiene, Security Systems and Practices, etc.
  • This humanitarian work is a special contribution and support to all those who are struggling in quest of safer and healthier environment for human

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