The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Accidents,
Emergencies and Disasters′ Terminologies

Areas of Preventive & Protective Terminologies Covered

1- Disasters and Emergency Management:Including Disaster Management (Planning, Preparedness and Response); Emergency Operations Management (Planning, Preparedness and Response); Emergency Management/ NFPA Standards; Emergency Communication Terminology.
2- Occupational Safety & Health OSH and Workplace Health & Safety WpHS:Including Occupational Safety & Health; Workplace Safety and Health WpSH.
3- Ergonomics.
4- Environmental Protection (Environmental Health & Safety Including Laboratory Safety & Hygiene):Including Environmental Protection (Environmental Health & Safety); Pollution (Disasters & Environmental Protection); Environmental Health & Safety/ NFPA Standards.
5- Fire Protection A:Fire Prevention and Inspection Practices: Including Fire Prevention and Inspection Practices; Arson Investigation and Fire Cause Determination; NFPA (Fire Prevention Related) Codes and Recommended Practices; NFPA (Fire Prevention Related) Standards.
6- Fire Protection B: Fire Service's and Emergency Operations' Management: Including Fire Service and Emergency Operation Management; NFPA (Fire Service Related) Codes and Testing Methods; NFPA (Fire Service Related) Standards.
7- Transportation Safety (Aviation, Maritime, Road, and Railways).
8- Oil and Gas Drilling and Field Operational Safety.
9- Industrial Safety and Hygiene.
10- Chemical Safety and Toxic Substances.
11- Nuclear Safety & Radiation Protection (CBRNE Emergencies):Including Chemical; Biological; Radiological; Nuclear; Explosives.
12- Natural Disasters and Forces of Nature: Including Avalanche, Landslides and Debris Flow, Geological Landslides, Snow Storms; Coastal Storms; Drought Mitigation; Earthquake; Epidemiology; Extreme Heat; Extreme Space Weather; Floods; Forces of Nature; Hail Lightning (from Thunderstorm); Hurricane / Tropical Storm; Hurricanes and Storm Surge / Winter Storms; Levee Systems and Dam Safety; Lightning Safety; Managing Risks of Extreme Events & Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation; Mixed Groups Natural Disasters: Water, Effects, Environmental, Causes, Impact, Soil, Industrial, Toxic, Human, Life; Natural Disaster Impacts on Health; Natural Hazard Risks and Mitigation Plan; Severe Storms and Hazardous Weather and Hydrologic Events and Emergency; Thunderstorm; Tornado and Severe (Damaging) Winds; Tsunami; Volcano; Water and Wastewater.
13- Electrical Safety.
14- Conceptual Meanings, Applications and Differentiations between Generic Terms:Including Accident; Catastrophe; Coping Capacity; Danger; Disasters; Emergency; Event; Exposure; Hazards; Holocaust; Incident; Peril; Resilience; Risk; Vulnerability.
15- Business Continuity Management.
16- Information and Communication Technology ICT.
17- International Relations.
18- Labour & Human Resource Management.
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